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  • hk119 ·
    Kent, weren't you on the Vanagon list? Good to see you in a diesel GL. I've been wanting one for years and just bought an 07 last week with close to 100k. Looked on ebay for air filter and can't seem to figure out which one is correct. Saw a youtube vid with a large cylindrical air filter on an 06 CDI and thought it must be the same, then not sure. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks.
    lkchris ·
    Should be easy if you have the connector in the console--top part. (it could be covered by an easily removable plastic cover, which is removed by prying at the indentation on the wider side.)

    If you want phone charging by the vehicle, the best bet is to get the "cradle" for your phone and just click it onto the connector.

    I believe this still has to be ordered from the UK (easy) as USA dealers don't have it.

    There are two version--one with a wiring pigtail to allow connection of the iPod system and one without.

    Both are shown on this page
    Comand Online Ltd :: Mercedes Phone/Bluetooth :: Cradles & Bluetooth Adapters

    This cradle is convenient as you have the option to put phone in cradle or not. Obviously putting in cradle gets you charging plus use of car's antenna, but otherwise all the phone stuff works the same.

    Once the phone and the cradle are paired (one time only) it works just fine.
    pagelk ·
    I just purchased an '07 GL320 and have an iphone 3gs. I'm trying to figure out what I need to do to get it integrated to my GL. I saw that you've posted a couple of times on the issue. My GL has the rear entertainment and no ipod integration. I just want to be able to make/take calls with my phone, charge the phone, and be able to play pandora if I want. Any help would be great. Thanks!
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