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  • lesrrt ·
    Hi Inquire! Just saw this friend. I guess you can assume I haven't got another MB...yet that is. If you still need advice. Let me know. It is a doable job. I bought an original service manual from a member on this sight that made the job alot easier. Just had to pay attention when I removed the donor unit via the junkayrd. The lift parts broke, thus jaming the whole unit. When you get the cover off, you"ll see how the t-bar attaches to the moving assembly. remove the 10mm bolts and slide the stuck unit open. From there, you can see how it comes aprt/together..
    I know I should have taken pics when i did it because it would have made a great tutorial. has tutorial panphlet, but it is for the older non-tilting units found on the older cars. Let me know if this helps. Again. sorry for the no reply; I usually get an email via benzworld letting me know of a private message...Les C
    jquiroz1969 ·
    Lesrrt, I saw a post of you replacing your tracks on the sunroof. I was wondering if you can fill me in on exactly how you did this. Were the tracks able to be replaced or was it a bigger part replacement. The track on my sunroof broke, havent dove in to it yet but its getting hot out here in Ca.

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