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  • gjonesgrad ·
    Hi...I heard on another thread that you know a bit about sunroof issues. I would like to lubricate mine, but don't know that procedure or the right lubricant to use. I heard it was an MB paste or white lithium one..
    kodiakj2 ·
    Thomas, sorry I am just now getting back to you. The best way to find a schematic of a parts group is to go to the free (in the US) Mercedes epc. You can locate the electronics parts catalog (epc) by googling Mercedes EPC and sign up for the service which is provided by Mercedes Benz. They require a credit card but you will not be charged. Once you bring up your model in the epc you will see the section for sliding/tilting roof which will have a diagram of all parts for the sunroof, give you part numbers and show you where they are located.

    Hope this helps...
    don420sel ·
    Hey, noticed on one of your posts that you seem to pretty knowledgeable about the w126 models.... so thought I would message you hope you don't mind?

    I am trying to fix the sunroof of a 420sel for my friend, i took the metal sunroof out the other day and identified the problem as one of the cotrol pieces is broken, it is a piece that runs down the drivers side and goes back in an l shape then i think is bolted in at the back of the sunroof by i think 2 or 3 small bolts. Not a very good description but I wandered if you may know of anyone or if you had a parts catalog so I could find the part number for what i'm looking for?

    Hope you don't mind me messaging you!

    Thanks in advance,

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