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  • anziani ·
    Yes, I don't need 2 cars. My wife died 3 weeks ago and I have things to take care of first but sometime at the end of January, I will get to it. As I said I have all of the maintenance records back to the original sale. I was looking over my records and realized it has been about 50K since I changed plugs and distributor parts. I was going to do that before I put it up for sale although there is no sign of any trouble. A family member was also interested in the car. Anyway, my email address is:
    [email protected] Why don't we get back to this in 3-4 weeks. If I get a serious offer from the family member, I'll let you know.
    JOE49 ·
    Hello Knapster, I am new to forum & Benz. This is first Benz for me. Thanks for responding to my post......Here's my story,met with prior owner to get schooled on using AC & heat (CCU) settings. Car would blow semi-cold (not as cold as my 94 Silverado, or her 95 525i). I figured I just have control settings wrong. Prior owner set AC temp & verified not blowing as cold as should be. Opened hood to check fuse7 & discovered melt fuse"D". As I'm wanting to get car to be functioning properly & unfamiliar with it's glitches, I joined forum. You are spot on about older cars & inherent problems as they age. This car had phone equipment removed, Kenwood stereo & Euro styled headlights installed before I got it & so far see no other electric modifications. spins by hand but doesn't seem to engage. As time permits I am investigating...........
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