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  • bmeister ·
    Hi, saw a dated post concerning the becker radio. Was wondering if you ever tried or have replaced the LCD screen since many of these units have that issue.
    I have a Alpine CM 2396 on my C230. Replaced the radio with another vintage alpine since my screen was blackened. If you have tried to replace the screen do you know the specifications such as pin outs on ribbon cable and type of LCD?

    Concerning the volume on/off knob I have viewed some of these types (encoder switches) from china via ebay for an inexpensive price. I think Digi-Key might have them but the menu takes some time to go through. They also have an extensive catalog for LCD's but I don't know the exact type. thanks.
    1988 300ce ·
    I would like to know more information about this code reader I have a 1995 E320 as well and my top want come down.. It also just stopped turning over so want start at all..
    Kestas ·
    ofpiste, the CD manual I have is the exact same thing, maybe has more stuff, but you should get all the info you need for water pump replacement and similar work from the on-line manual you linked.
    ofpiste ·
    Hi Kestas, curious about the 1995 e320 manual..I have one that is online at Mercedes Benz Model 124 - M104 Maintenance Manuals

    Does your manual cover more than this, curious as I am about to tackle the water (coolant) pump replacement on my 1995 e320 Cabriolet and every little bit helps. I'm very mechanically inclined so just preempting any issues!

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