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  • MRCEDZ ·
    I saw a pic you posted of your Benz and the Malibu and it brought to mind a few questions. I have an '06 E350 and I like the car but I've had issues, from a/c problems to transmission failure at 63,000. I know you have the new E-class, but I was wondering if you may have had any issues with your old '06 model? All of my problems ($7,000 worth) were covered by the warranty. Prior to purchasing my E350, I was going to buy a new Malibu, which would have been within a few dollars of what I paid for the CPO E350. Comparing the two, I thought the Mercedes might offer the best bang for the buck. So, my question do you think the Malibu compares to the E-class? I realize we are talking about two very different cars here, but is the Malibu good enough that it could be somewhat comparable to the Benz in ride, handling, reliability, and quality? After all the issues I've had with my E350, I sometimes wonder if I bought the wrong car.
    Jacksonville, FL
    K-A ·
    Hey, actually I had them wrapped with a Vinyl Wrap by a shop (general Tint/Wrap Shop). Cost about $20-40 for the set (can't remember which, lol).

    Hope that helps! Yeah, they look really cool up close too. :)
    SFE92335 ·
    Hey I saw your sig and noticed you changed your bumper lights, they look good. I have a silver w212 e350 and was gonna do the same but I can't find a DIY online for replacing the bumper lights. Did you just pry them out or did you have to take the bumper off. If you preyed them out what side did you start from? Also, I have seen a pair of clear reflectors go for about $65 on eBay, is there some where else that's better to get them from? Thanks for your help! Love your car btw
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