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  1. Rear Shock Bushing

    X164 GL-Class
    I have a leaking shock and was puzzled when I found what smelled like brake or hydraulic fluid on the garage floor. After inspecting the vehicle it looks like its the passenger rear shock that is leaking. I have ordered a new shock and a new bushing for where the shock connects to the lower...
  2. Secondary Air Injection P0410 or P0810

    W164 M-Class
    Ok, Need some help. My mother in law bought a used ML350 4matic 2009. After about 3 days after purchase it it threw a code for thermostat. No big deal she took it back to where she bought it and they replaced it. Now after a few weeks or so she gets another code Secondary Air pump. Ok, I have...
  3. Rear DVD system

    X164 GL-Class
    OK, update on what I found. You have to remove the seat above the the control DVD deck. Just remove plastic cover (remove the two torx screws first and then pull towards front seat) and then the four bolts and roll it onto the seat next to it. Then you have to remove the cover molding on the...
  4. How many miles on your GL?

    X164 GL-Class
    07 94k Gas
  5. Part number for passanger side 2nd row seat lever

    X164 GL-Class
    LEVER. REAR SEAT CUSHION,REAR BACKREST for 2007 Mercedes GL 450. #1649201264
  6. Rear DVD system

    X164 GL-Class
    Hey guys just bought a 2007 GL450 w/ rear Ent. and it doesn't work :frown The monitors come on if you hit the power button but just stay white no other info on screen. I put a DVD in and it still does the same thing. I thought well maybe the dvd doesn't work so i tried to hook up a camera (VCR)...
  7. Aftermarket Parts

    W211 E-Class
    Any body tried this? Easy cv boot | Cuffia Facile, cuffia semiasse innovativa by HipporedCuffia Facile, cuffia semiasse innovativa by Hippored
  8. Aftermarket Parts

    W211 E-Class
    Do you know of any instructions that I might be able to see?
  9. Aftermarket Parts

    W211 E-Class
    I was doing my front rotors and pads and noticed the grease everywhere. I have a torn outer cv boot on the front right. The Axle is fine I am pretty sure. (No Noise) I would say that it tore open in the last month or so. With that said no-body in my area Euro shops want to rebuild or even mess...
  10. Aftermarket Parts

    W211 E-Class
    Any suggestions on a good aftermarket Axle? 07 E350 4M
  11. Brake Caliper Pin

    W211 E-Class
    Did my front rotors and pads no problem but when I got to the back brakes the top T40 Caliper pin stripped out on me. Any ideas on what I should do?
  12. Gas Fumes

    W211 E-Class
    Evey time I fill up with fuel in my 2007 E350 4matic I get gas fumes in the cabin. They seem to dissipate after I burn off a gal or two. Any ideas?
  13. window regulator plastic clip broken

    W203 C-Class
    Had the same problem on my daughters C240 2002, rear glass just fell down and when I tried to roll up it completely ruined the tint. I found a rubber washer and nut that would fit the bolt that goes thru the plastic and put it on the outside-side and tightened snug but not to much was afraid I...