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  1. E320 2006 CDI W211 vibrations

    W211 E-Class
    @Rossafuss Yes, by law you must have insurance in Illinois. I did give a recorded statement to my insurance as well. It was just a headache because I was getting calls every other day about false accusations.
  2. 2006 E320 CDI Quad Hid Retrofit?

    W211 E-Class
    @cowboyt Thanks for the info, that is a great deal of help! Question: Program the car for Xenon: Present? There is such a thing that I have to program? I have never programmed any car and HID retrofits worked great.
  3. E320 2006 CDI W211 vibrations

    W211 E-Class
    Unfortunately, I was rear ended and the CDI is in the bodyshop for now (if not totaled). Regardless I plan on keeping the vehicle, so I will reply to you as soon as I get it back and check it, which may take up to 2 weeks.
  4. 2006 E320 CDI Quad Hid Retrofit?

    W211 E-Class
    Hello, The PO installed what believe to be eBay headlights (Very poor dispersion of light). So I wanted to tackle a Quad HID Retrofit. I have done a retrofit before (I am not a professional, but I followed a DIY) and it turned out great. I am ready to tackle a quad retrofit, but I am unsure...
  5. 06 E320 CDI Fuel Filter Question.

    W211 E-Class
    So, I purchased the OEM MB Fuel Filter "642 092 01 01". The one that says "Made In Austria". Upon further research, it seems as if this filter is for 07-09 E320 Bluetec, the 01 model is outdated and 06 is new model, but I haven't found anything conclusive. So, is this compatible with my 06 E320...