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  • BenzRipper ·
    Hello Buddy,
    I just joined the forum specifically to contact you!!! you are the only person on the entire internet that has the headlight eyelids on your w140 I would love to do the same, but i can't find them anywhere. Would you be kind enough to please tell me where you got them?? I appreciate your anticipated assistance and look forward to hearing from you..Thanks

    alexjalvarez ·
    Hi JUICEDW140,

    Would you be so kind to share with me some link where I could find such cool custom body kits as your front bumper cover?

    Thanks in advance, and have a good one,

    kordell ·
    This guy pissed me off, I was gonna lose it on the forums on him an get myself banned but thank god i didn't it not worth it,my whip isn't started yet an I need these forums too help me fix my whip up ,yea know what i mean. Thanks for the support i will too request for him to be barred, latterr , Juiced
    JUICEDW140 ·
    Air bags are good and have been done in past...the disadvantages of driving slammed with bags is that bags will be compressed and will bulge out so possibility of friction is high and also there will be no good bound /rebound ride will suck...if you truly want to ride slammed all the way and retain almost factory ride I would highly suggest Hydraulics but again depends how slammed u want to be rolling...btw how much did the shop quote you for bags?
    kordell ·
    JUICED i was gonna go with air bags but when i call the shop that installs them he had nothing good to say about them ,he told me there not meant to be driven lowered an there ONLY FOR WHEN YOUR PARKED he also said if u do drive around lowerwith the kit thatits like driving on flat tire an every 2 months you'll blow a bag ,so he told me to go with lowering coils ,he also said there no air bagg kits out there for w140 an it would have to be custom is any of this true? thanks for yea help im debating on either or rite now
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