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  • doxland ·
    Hello Josh
    I've got a 2005 CDI with an OM648 and like it a lot except for the EGR.
    I think I saw you talking about the mod and wondered if you've done it and how it worked out?
    If so Could you direct me as to method you used conx and materials?
    I do just love this car and like you, think I'm seeing a tiny bit of 2-3 flare under light acceleration.
    Thanks very much in advance
    David Oxland
    Vancouver Island B.C. Canada
    E-300 DT ·

    Just returned from a 5K mile R/T, Southern California to my cottage on the Winnipeg River
    at Minaki Ontario.

    Some idiots with PUs found out how these 3.222 L diesels will run on the
    high end including one 5.7 Tundra and a 5.7 'Hemi' PU.
    What dogs they are! From 100 mph on, we simply walked away from both of them.

    Used only eight (8) full tanks of D2, but was not expecting really good fuel economy as
    we were traveling rather fast. High F E requires somewhat slower cruising speeds.
    Did the trip up in only four days, staying in motels only three nights.
    Coming back home, took and extra night and it made for a more relaxed trip.

    Now with 128K plus miles on the car and it is running like a fine watch.
    Don't think there is a better road car on the road today, bar none!


    E-300 DT ·
    So you will know who sent this, I'm Derrel H Green of Murrieta in Southern California. The old duffer who keeps bugging you with 'dumb' questions.

    Had an E-300 Turbodiesel way back when when I joined, hence that handle.
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