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  • gkurtti ·
    I am trying to reset my schedule A service and I don't know how to do it. Could you help me? I am new to this site and it just got out of warranty and I don't want to pay the MB price for service.


    Gary K.
    hey_allen ·
    Let me take a look around, but I think I have a couple of my old plates, might even still have an Oregon Trail plate from a car I had a while back.
    haz_zer ·
    Hey man, I need to ask the user who was jballem something but I see he's offline now. Any chance you would have his email address? Thanks
    E320Life ·
    Oh yeah, I definitely know how that goes! They need to somehow add more hours into a given day - or slow down this whole concept of "time" lol. I've been busy working on my own projects, not necessarily with cars, but with computers (I've been building some pretty awesome systems that I'm very proud of). I'm trying to be on here more often, as I do miss the forum.
    E320Life ·
    Hey now, I'm not necessarily falling off the face of the Earth...just been busy traveling it, lol. ^_^ I actually managed to drive cross-country from California to Florida this month - and I did the drive in three days! The scenery was amazing though, especially through Arizona and New Mexico. I'll be in FL for awhile, but it's back to California in June. How have you been?
    satx78247 ·

    i've got a friend's dad, who has a "body shop" in his back yard in southside SA. - he did a nice job repairing & painting the hood on my convertible. - email me at [email protected] & i'll put the 2 of you in touch. - his prices are GRAND.

    yours, tex
    alaskagwagen ·
    Hi, I saw your post about wanting a gwagen. I know a guy selling one - it is one I used to own. White 1985 300GD with Turbo Diesel, grey leather interior with roof rack and maggiolinaroof top tent/ladder. You can contact Rick directly if you want - [email protected] THe truck has a rebuilt auto transmission with less than 200miles on it. I got the work done and sold it and he has just had it parked and wants to sell it now. It used to belong to Russ from Europa ( THe body is in excellent shape- one of the nicest I have seen.

    Good luck and check out classifieds for other leads.

    Jazzerguy ·
    Hi there. Thanks much for the compliment.

    I just joined the Benz World in December. I sold a miata and bought the 107, which is spectacular. Just got it at Christmas as a compliment to my '54 Bentley

    My name is Guy, by the way. live in Garden Ridge.

    E320Life ·
    Yeah, I hear you on that one. I have a small break for the holiday, so I will be catching up on some much needed relaxation. Maybe I'll work on raising my post count for the forum too. Hope you have a good holiday as well.
    E320Life ·
    Hey! Yeah, I haven't really been on here in awhile - I've been so busy with work and school. I have a break from school for the next couple weeks, so I actually have time to breathe again, lol. I've been catching up on some work with the 210 these past few days as well. How have you been?
    Turnpike ·
    no worries..theres always one person in the group who is the nay-sayer.. i'll be doing a full DIY with pics once things get settled...working 3:30 min from the house doesn't leave much time to do things
    JacobB. ·
    I appreciate what you said to MTU. I think what he was saying was really irrational and un-needed. It seems you and my uncle have spoken before?, let me introduce myself, im Jacob (as you can probably see, haha) and James is my uncle.
    jballem ·
    I cannot wait to see that finished product as well, I don't even know what colour she wants it painted, it mostly all narrows down to how my wife wants it. She wants this to be for our children when they get their license in a few years time.
    jballem ·
    I really want the euro's for my 190's, usually I stay with OEM with cars, but the euro head lamps just make the car that much better. I hope you Get better soon! Like I said, nothing really new with me, execpt for the 123 purchase which by the way, arrived at our home today, and is going in to be restored on monday.
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