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  1. How many miles does your R129 have?

    R129 SL-Class
    98 sl500 99k 98 sl500 99k
  2. dash bulbs

    R129 SL-Class
    Ya! fupabox is great! He has a good sense of humor too.
  3. R129 PHOTO GALLERY - Photos of R129 cars only please.

    R129 SL-Class
    Chrome or Black? Ha 98 sl500
  4. What did you do to your Roadster today?

    R129 SL-Class
    Ordered a parking brake release handle from Europarts :(
  5. Please don't do this to your SL!

    R129 SL-Class
    great pictures - how funny!
  6. Little things count

    R129 SL-Class
    just did this - now we don't need to worry about having it fall on our heads or fingers.
  7. Gadha's step by step guide to Fan Blower Strap Repair

    R129 SL-Class
    Thank you very much!
  8. Sun visor hinge covers

    R129 SL-Class
    absolutely brilliant!