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  • mnickson ·
    Joe, I accidently posted in the AMG forum instead of the standard W210 forum. The posting title is "Upper oil pan removal, how to pry / unseat once bolts removed". If possible, please let me know how to move it, or if possible, please move it for me. Thank you!
    DannyBoy202 ·
    Hi Joe,

    Greeting from the new member from Jakarta Indonesia, i am a big fans of Mercedes and now i ride my 180 Classic Manual w202, its only owned by my father in law before and now already running 220.000.

    Well anyway i would like to asked about the car cover that you wanted to sell few years ago and i saw the thread is haven't closed yet. Is it still available or somebody already bought it from you?

    Thank you for your attention and i'm looking forward to your information.


    Liborio ·
    Hi can any one help me on the following problem with my CLK 320 1998. when I go to D the car star runnig but it dosen't shift to the next gear. So the car is at 40 mph ant the engine revolutions are a 5.000 and there is no way that the go down and there is no shift on the transmission. Can any one help me on this.?

    Thnank you

    Liborio Mauro
    Caracas Venezuela.
    sebastiano5978 ·
    Hi JOE55! Dont know if Im posting this right but my 97 C280's trans started making a clicking noise last night. I doesn't do it in park but when in D it starts. If im posting this in the wrong please please tell me and ill stop bothering you:)
    TheOnlyKtulu ·
    How to subscribe to a new thread that appears first?
    I mean, not to a thread that, let's say I'm reading right now.
    Instead, I'd like the forum to get me noticed, whenever a new thread appears here, on C63.
    This would be much of a help, as I'm planning to buy one ( :D ) in the future, and meanwhile this is my way of seeing what kind of problems faces each owner.

    Thanks for your understanding!

    cjenugu ·
    Hey JOE55.
    SL500 (03 Model)
    The Smart KEY did not turn the ignition. Key did not suck. The car have been parked for more than 1yr becos it couldnt rise, the tyres touches the body. I used to warm it from time to time, but 2 days ago the key cannot turn the ignition. what do i do?. Boot battery was removed for weeks to charge, i fixed the battery and they key cannot suck in and cannot turn, i already tried to start with a more sound battery in front but the key did not turn, pls advice
    JayBanks ·
    Hey Joe I need your help!

    I own a 2005 Mercedes C320 4matic. I recently bought new mercedes rims off of a S500 and Im trying to see if they will fit.

    245/40zr18 w93 and the size is 18x9 1/8

    Ive been trying to look through 100's of threads but most people are talking about offset.

    Hope you can help.

    Thank you so much!

    beamg1 ·
    Joe, seen a few on amazon this past wk. got mine from daughter's boyfriend, he lives in Germany!!
    have u got your copy yet?
    beamg1 ·
    received my copy last week THE "BOOK" AMG 45, is a must have... blows the stars book away!! got that book on amazon last yr. for $15
    ian500 ·
    I just posted to the W202 AMG forum but I should have posted to the "plain vanilla W202" forum. Can't find how to delete or move the post. Can you help?
    Sorry to trouble you, and thanks,
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