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  • Joe-V12 ·
    None of my posts are sarcastic but they might be confronting to you because you obviously don't know what your knowledge and skill level is. I don't think you are fit to work on your car. I saw that other post where the whole wheel fell off a car after you and your friend did some work on it. STAY SAFE!
    HawaiianLandYacht ·
    stay off my threads. your sarcastic replies coupled with you not being able to read anyone else's makes for an awful experience. god forbid you are not a teacher in your hometown.
    Joe-V12 ·
    Where are you located? Sorry I missed this private message before, I thought I sent you one a while back.
    400 SE or S420 ? ·
    Not sure if how this PM thing works unless your on listed as a Friend ? so here goes again with the message

    Have the S320 as a parts car for my S420
    Purchased it from Melbourne advertised as a S420 but no it turned up as a S320
    So all the S320 parts under the hood and drive line are not much use to me
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