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  • Alan67 ·
    Hi again Jim.

    Just wondering how you were finding your SL?
    Just bought mine on Saturday in Blackpool, love it to bits, but there are a lot of niggly little faults needing taken car of. Heater control bulb not working, courtesy lights not working, a very annoying continueous clickety-click from somewhere behind the dash...the list seems to go on and on. Had the car up on a hoist today to check out an exhaust rattle (which turned out to be the 2 rubber o’rings just forward of the rear axle that had perished) and discovered a fairly substantial oil leak somewhere up high on the o/s bank of the engine. For all the cars faults, I am so proud to have her.

    Really nice car you have there Jim. Never seen one in that colour...very classy.
    Poundy ·
    Hi Jim,
    Unfortunately you need to remove the centre console cover, which is not bad if you have done it before. If not there is a thread to help on the site or let me know and I will tell you how.
    If you go to post 21 on this thread you will see a pic of the bulb/holder and it's location. That is at the top left near the corner.
    The bulb number is also there on a post close by.
    Good luck, any probs get back to me,
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