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  • DylanT ·
    Hey, my names Dylan. Im pretty new to the site, bought an 89 300SE that id like to fix up :)

    I was doing a search on audio upgrades for the car and came across some recommendations for you and your site. I was wondering if youd help me out? All i need is to know what to buy - what size speakers and how many, amps, crossover a pretty big noob. Thank you in advance!

    Dylan T.
    ytterbergarn ·
    Hi Jonathan. It's me Magnus from sweden. I've sent you 2 mail but don't know if you ever got them since i haven't got an answer. So i try to contact you here.
    djjonbrown ·
    Hi Jonathan, have you ever done any diesel tuning?

    Also, have you ever used superchargers in a 104... or do you always go with turbochargers?

    All the best,
    Jonathan in Charleston
    jhodg5ck ·
    hey there Dave,

    Just a note, but again, if someone comes along here, please email me instead via [email protected] I do not get emails when a visitor message is posted and I very infrequently stop in..

    That aside, I usually tighten them till there is about an 1/8 of a inch b/w the two halves, that seems to be adequate. better to have them a touch loose, if they leak, give them an extra turn or two. The copper rings are gaskets to help keep everything nicely sealed. Think of them as crush washers for the manifold:)

    hope that helps, and sorry for taking so long!

    DAVECAD2.0 ·
    '91 420SEL. When replacing the "donut" gaskets between the intake manifold halfs does one just tighten the halfs until the bosses on both halfs come into contact? I couldn't find anything specific in the FSM. Torque, procedure etc.
    I tightend mine just till the bosses touched. I noticed that some of the "rings", the loose part on the donuts split. I removed them. Wondering just what the purpose of these are.

    Thanks, Dave
    jhodg5ck ·
    Hello Heintz,

    It's rare as in I don't often replace them. I see the EZL's fail on a more regular basis then I do the CPS. The ignition switch is often a source of this kind of problem as well.. you can pull a switch out of any gas W126 and try it, so cost will be minimal!

    Hope that helps:)

    Heintz ·
    Hey Jonathan! Thanks for your response to my post. I have a question though: what did you mean with "CPS is rare, but you can ohm it out .8-1.1 IIRC"? If you are referring to testing the CPS, then I have done that and it seemed fine. Is the CPS difficult to find as a part, or is it rarely the problem? I am going to my parts guy on Monday and will see if I can pick up a CPS and an EZL from him. I have checked for fuel and spark - there is fuel, but no spark! I don't know where the wire from the distro goes, that's why I asked in my post...


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