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  1. W204 C350 Tranny/Electronic Issue...Limp mode & CEL

    W204 C-Class
    So about 6 months ago, I was about 8 hrs away up in northern Wisconsin on a fishing trip. I was about 45 minutes from our cabin and noticed the gear selector on the dash change after overtaking a car on a 2 lane road. It only showed P, R, N, D and did not highlight whether I was in D or R or...
  2. Hood Release--C350

    W204 C-Class
    thanks sportstick
  3. Hood Release--C350

    W204 C-Class
    can you be a little more specific? i can even find the hood release button inside the cabin.
  4. Hood Release--C350

    W204 C-Class
    I feel dumb for having to ask this but I cant figure out how to open the hood on a C350. It's my grandmother's car, no owners manual, and I cant seem to find the hood release. Spent about 30 minutes looking for it last night. Searched the forum and found nothing. Please help!! Where is this...