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  • Englevakten ·
    Hey JDC, are you still arround?

    I've just startet up my 560SEL restoration project again, and had a couple questions for you concerning the 2+2 rear seat option in the sel!

    I have a complete beige 560 SEC '88 interior i'm trying to fit to my 560SEL '90

    I'm having some issues as of height and placement and wanted to run a few questions by someone who actually has the rare 2+2 setup...

    tnx mate, Englevakten
    skype: englevakten
    bnaramir ·

    i know that you have a good knowldge about OVP, i just bought one but the P/N is not exactly the same but it has two fuse the same as mine , i feel that my Idle during air conditiong and other stress condition is not improving ? what are you suggesting ? but at the same time with is new OVP my cold start is improved , do you think that this OVP doesn't fit my model ? Thanks a lot
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