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  • ch.1953 ·
    Hi Jayare,

    I'm just logging into my account for the first time in a couple of weeks and see the new format.

    Why the change? Also I can't see all my messages? I had a treasure trove of saved messages wth technical advice. I can't seem to be able to find them?

    Many thanks.
    sammywater ·
    Hi Jim,
    Hey, how are you, I just wanted to update you on the beautiful black W140 1993 300SE I bought on December 2nd. Sat for 2 months after I bought it, and sat in a field for ten months before that. I replaced the wiring harness (upper) with one from eBay that cost me all of $149, and then the cap & rotor which I got from rockauto that were supposed to be cheap AC Delco "closeouts" for $25 each (was on a low budget that week) but when they arrived they were brand new beautiful Bosch! I couldn't believe it. $60 for both cap and rotor, has anyone in the country gotten a better deal? Gave the car an oil change and new F8DC4's and she runs like a swiss watch. The car is just phenomenal. She's my seventh Benz. Runs perfectly, smooth as silk and purrs like an electric motor. I am going to enjoy my W140 ownership. Hope you are doing well Jayare. Have a great day!!
    rikana ·
    Hi Bro,
    Can you help me with this??
    I have a rear right leaking strut. My car is S320 LWB with ADS but no SLS. What is the part number for this shock/ dumper and is it the same whether the car has SLS or not?? I have read a lot on all the mods one can do to make the car use normal struts but I want to keep my vehicle as close to OEM as possible.
    mountainredneck ·
    hello brother,

    I am sorry I haven't returned your call. I was a little sick the other night when you called. I saw that I had missed your call the next morning. We are having some domestic trouble here with my new grandsons mother. We have been a little stressed out for a few days due to it all. My apologies if I seemed rude.
    I have one quick question regarding MB. How do I replace the upper antenna grommet? I bought a new upper portion and wasnt sure if i have to remove the lower half to install the upper etc. Please advise. TKs Jim. I will be working on the 190 most of the day tomm. Please do call if you get a chance.
    190evol1 ·

    Let me know if you still have the Wald bumper cap and how much to ship to 95608. Thank you!

    pbunion ·
    Hi. Just saw that you live in St. Pete., so do I. Have there ever been MB meets in Tampa- St. Pete.?


    sammywater ·
    Hi Jim just a quick note to say Happy new year and I hope you are doing well. Don't think I've seen you on Benzworld lately, sure wish you well. Talk soon!! Tony (sammywater) in Seattle (Yuk...snow)
    peterock17 ·
    hi. I was reading through the fuel mixture diy thread and read that you were having hot start problems. I have the similar issue on my 92 300te. Starts fine cold. Once it gets hot it has trouble idling and shutters sometimes stalls. I've done a tune up cap, wires, plug, rotor. Still persists. What did you end up doing to solve your problem. Thanks in advance, Pete.
    MrsSaavedra ·
    I saw that link for the DIY for the power steering filter. Is there more to that? I just got my Mercedes at a car auction, and its a beautiful thing minus the power steering. The previous owner took extremely good care of the car. I have replaced the brakes, tires, lights, fuses, all basic things, but I have no idea how to work with a Mercedes/Power Steering.

    My father is a mechanic, so I have good history on DIY, but this car is different from the average "mainstream cars."

    Power steering does leak, a lot. Is there a step by step with photos somewhere that can guide me on how to do it? I rather learn myself than have someone do it. I cannot determine where the leak is coming from yet. Any advice will help. Thanks.

    1993 400E
    GHM ·
    Jim if you do go and please not on my behalf only if you need to. I'd like to get that striker bar that attachs to the top of the glove comp, its a flat base with an upside down U attached, held by two screws. And if you come across a bag of money left inside an old Mercedes that too!! :)
    GHM ·
    Morning Jim, rec'd your msg re: Center vent, I'll talk with forum member 300-91 soon. Thanks for the heads up. Hope your work continues welll on your vehicles.
    300D-91 ·
    Saw your post (124 forum) where you asked if the A/C was blowing out the defroster vents. My 91 is doing just that and if you have some insight I'd welcome hearing it before I start tearing things apart.

    GHM ·
    I got it fixed, I had to hacksaw the stricker bar off and much to my suprise the place is replaceable from MB probably will cost $5.oo what a deal eh. Nice cold air in the car, but I cannot seem to figure out why I cannot get it from the center vents yet. I hope I do not have to take the dash apart, take care my friend.
    Jayare ·
    Not really a clue George. I'll fiddle around with the glove box on the coupe and let you know if I come up with anything. Hope you are well and staying cool. Rather warm here. 94 ish in the days and 83-85 in the mornings.
    GHM ·
    Hi Jim any ideas on my big mistake glove box situation, sometimes you do the craziest things .
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