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  • raskite ·
    I finaly had my check engine light scanned.The scan showed the MAF Sensor showed a reading after cold startup.So the MAF sensor did work.He resetted the check engine code and told me to do several drive sicles and startups and about 2 startups later the check engine came on.He scanned the car and the MAF Sensor did not show any reading.This means the sensor worked at cold temp and not at engine operating temp.He tested the connector to the MAF and wirering and it were good. And came to the conclution that the ECU (Computer) are not sending the 5v+ to the MAF sensor when the computer gets hot.It sits on the side of the air filter box ontop of the engine in my 2003 c230 kompressor 1.8l.He said this can be due to loose soldering inside the ECU.ECU Repair cost about us $ 666.
    Or what do you say?
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