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  • Nicky55 ·
    i want to ask about the w221 seat that you install in w140 do you have to modify anything because i also want to buy w221 seat to install to my w140 s600
    because the w221 seat is more beautiful

    thak you
    RoslanGhani ·
    wow...very nice. how did you do that? Can anybody tell me how to get rid of the old interior smell in my w140? sort off stale smell....Unlike the smell of leather in a brand new car..
    lou-in-nj ·
    Greetings, I saw your post on the 722.6 transmission. My '99 E430 is currently in the garage awaiting my decision to repair or sell. I believe the sprag bearing went on it which I understand is common after 120k. This car has 156k. I have a lead on a 722.6 tranny with 89k on it and I understand anything from '98 to '02 can replace mine. Do you know if they updated that sprag bearing to the 20 roller pin design anytime along the way, and what year would that have been? I also experienced the turn the key and no engine cranking condition you described. It varied from 2-3 tries to get it to crank to no problem in the past year. Is that typical? Any insights in what to look for and or replace if I do get a salvaged tranny would be welcome. Thank you,
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