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  • Dcharlesjr ·
    Apologizies for missing the message. The only probem I have encounterd is "inner fender lip rubbing" to that end I have a rolling tool specifically for this purpose, by folding in the upper to lower 1/3 of the lip with the tool, I have been able to prevent rubbing when the car is loaded with fuel & people. The tool allows for the folding of the metal in such a way as to not induce paint cracking on the lower exposed fender lip area. I used stock lugs with the whaeels and have experienced no problems as a result.

    JrodNJ ·
    Hi - Saw your wagon in the pic thread and it looks great. I have purchased a set of the same CLK wheels for a 1988 300CE I am picking up this week. Were you able to bolt the CLK wheels directly on or did you have to source a different lug bolt? Please let me know, I am finding conflicting info in various spots and want to do it safely.


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