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  • will1980 ·
    Hi there Hkirov,

    Im have some troubles with a cluster swap on my 2001 W203 C200 here in the UK, ..I was just reading your recent post on Mercedes Cluster Swap..

    Here’s what’s happened so far... – hope you can point me toward the right direction..
    1. Taken the old cluster out – because of fuel gauge not working and LCD defective
    2. Replaced with 2nd hand cluster, all fuel and display working fine but odometer displaying ‘------‘, so the Drive auth is not ok. (I think)
    3. Taken the 93c86 Eprom from the old cluster and soldered to the 2nd Hand cluster, Installed to the car, and odometer reading ok now, but the fuel gauge reading has gone back to no reading!..

    You mentioned in you posts something about a wiring change, could you point me in the right direction so I can check it?

    Any tips and assistance apriciated!

    W203 6speed ·
    Whats up man, I saw your post on replacing the command unit with the navigation I gotta tell you thats was a great job bro I am in love with the work. I recently bought a 2006 c230, if it isnt bothering or taking too much your time i would appreciate your help in getting this project done in my car. Just guide me ill figure out the rest. where do i buy the command unit? will my cd changer stop working? my steering wheel controls? again i dont mean to harrass you lol just need your help. thanks again
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