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  • Frosty the Towman ·
    I believe you have a 26C attachment for your MB4/94 from reading previous posts. Wondering if you could give me any advice/SOPs for attaching and operating this Backhoe. I have yet to attach it but would like to this weekend with an idea of what to look for. I cant find any info on the web regarding operating instructions and would like some sort of head start from an owner of one so I can easily troubleshoot any issues (if any). I don't know what levers do what and so on or what steps to attach/fold for transport. Or if you have an owners manual/operating instructions I would happily pay for a copy if you are willing. Anyway happy mugging.


    cynical42 ·

    new to the forum and not an owner yet but hope to be soon. i live pretty close to you near walland. i'm looking for a mog owner who is willing to have a discussion about the ins and outs, and reality of owning a mog. i am current oilfield trash who lives in tn but works in ak. i am planning an expedition around the u.s., primarily throughout the west and want to use one as a camper to get off the beaten path. i don't want to have to spend all my nights in an rv park.

    if you are willing, i'd like to check out your vehicles. understand that you might be a little leary of letting a stranger check out your toys. i'd buy lunch, coffee or a cold beer if you have some time. am at work now but will be back in tn in a week.

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