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  • HawaiianLandYacht ·
    can you please erase my thread in the w140 section stated fuel lines filter pump. I have a guy Joe Trojan harassing and being rude and sarcastic repeatedly throughout the thread and im just trying to get help with my car. i want to start the topic over again so it can be beneficial to everyone without his repeated insults.
    4liter ·
    Hi I have another profile whose handle is Sean300 that I'd like to have merged with my current profile. I forgot the password and created the one you see now. Please let me know what it is you need from me to get this taken care of.
    Thanks a bunch! He is me...Mercedes-Benz Forum - View Profile: Sean300
    Mercedes>Bmw ·
    Hey Haku thanks for all the pictures but I'm also wondering if maybe you could ask your friend S666 if I could use his pictures? It seems he hasn't been on for some time...
    luis67 ·
    I have a MB A 160, silver with a silver front grille and I was wandering if it is possible to purchase a AMG front grille. A front grille like the one showed in the picture would also be great, do you know where could I get one. Thank you very much
    Haku ·
    Thanks for all the messages! :)

    Although the quake was bad, I was luckily south of the Tsunami's...
    TasmanianDevil ·
    Hi Haku;

    After the recent devastating earthquake that hit Japan I hope you, your loved ones and your family is OK

    Best Wishes & Prayers & Condolences
    kordell ·
    haku i think you said you live in japan i hope your safe an your family an of course your w140!!!!! please share with us picks of japan after math ,,,thanks
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