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  • rnettleship ·
    Thanks for the reply. My situation is after putting the relay in place I see .5v on that bank before the air pump turns on and it stays at .5 after word. no voltage drop. The other bank drops to .1v from .5v during that time. I still get the DTC and don't see the relay having any impact. The black wire is the one I am redirecting through the relay / diode
    100million ·
    Got a question about e320 rear shocks pr accumalator.. we i drive it doesnt bounce but it feels like it when i go ove a bump it sound like it bottoms out and make clunk sound.... Got any idea?

    Chris Please call me thanks 541-948-6440 Bend, ORegon
    radeko1 ·
    Hello Barii,
    I have a quick question regarding your UltraGuage. In May last year you posted an information about clearing the transmission code P0715 with UltraGuage. Could you confirm that you were able clear the code and get out of the limp home mode?
    I know that only CarSoft and few other expensive scanners can access the TCU. With my Actron I can clear P0715 from the engine control module but not from the TCU so the car stays in the limp mode. I have 1997 E420 and have codes P0715 and P0720 even after I've changed the conductor plate, cleaned connectors and TCU. I don't want to invest too much money in the scanner because car is really old but I would be happy to spend $69 on UltraGuage.
    Appreciate your answer,
    [email protected]
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