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  • mcrubes ·
    hey grumpy I was hoping you could help me with my w126 trip computer. its been acting up and can't get proper reading from the trip computer. everything works like the average speed, timer and speed warning buzzer but the fuel left to empty and average mpg. it keeps going all the way up to 1000 and then resets itself. im confussed and need help . thanks in advance.
    Grumpy560 ·
    Thanks Eric, I found the 78 SD and it had all the parts I needed except for the tachometer amplifier. I snagged the cluster too. Going to the Nashville yard in the morning. I have the 79 SD for sale.
    et7724 ·
    forgot to tell you; there's a green w116 (gas engine, 450 i believe) at CFC that's mistakenly listed as a 77 volvo; i think it's only one row or two away from the yellow w116 SD. it had cream interior that i think was in pretty good shape. i'm off on tuesdays so that's mainly the day i go to the junkyard. let me know if you're looking for something in particular
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