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  • Greazzer ·
    Germans are probably the best IMO. Bosios are nice too. Bosios flow a little more fuel than the Monarks-DES (same nozzle type so you're comparing apples with apples). I would stay away from Bosch since they are no longer made in Germany (unless you got NOS).
    Greazzer ·
    Generally, I recevie the customer's injectors and clean them to near surgical percision. If the car is your DD, then I can provide injector bodies and receive yours when you swap them out. I have to charge a core now because I have lost over 10 sets of injector bodies from folks who promised to return them.

    They will look like new when I am done and perform like new also. I will pop test and balance them normally 50% better than FSM. I only install German nozzels, unless someone wants Bosios, et cet.

    Currently, I only have #1930s, which are a superior nozzle to #261s or #265s. A set of 5 is $275 shipped CONUS and that includes 1 meter of return line and 5 HS. Turn around time is about 4 days.


    Derekwh ·
    Hi - I hear that you are the go to guy for MB injectors. Can you tell me what the deal is for rebuilding them? I have an '82 300cd.
    porshapower ·
    Hello:) This is porshapower(Nelson). Im in Jacksonville Florida. I may be interested. What do you figure for shipping? Any tears that are visible once it is installed? Thanks! :)Nelson
    Greazzer ·
    Yes, still doing injectors. Set of 5 for the service is $87.50 shipped CONUS, priority mail with insurance and tracking.
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