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  1. 300,000 mile report

    X164 GL-Class
    To the individual who sent me a PM. I tried to reply, but got this message: To be able to send PMs your post count must be 10 or greater So apparently I cannot reply to your PM. Sorry.
  2. 300,000 mile report

    X164 GL-Class
    Just got the '08 GL320 home from the regular 300,000 mile service. I have previously reported at 250,000 and 280,000 miles. If it can be poured it was changed. If it filters, it was changed. The water separator was seeping a bit; it was replaced. There was a tiny crack at the inlet neck on the...
  3. One year of Ownership- GL320CDI

    X164 GL-Class
    I have about 180,000 miles on the Arnott air bags. I thought the performance of the Continental tires was good, but was only getting 25,000 miles out of a set. I tried a couple of different tires and have settled on Firestone Destination. They are rated at 60,000 miles, but I always come up...
  4. Looking for purchase input

    X164 GL-Class
    The 08 is not a Bluetec motor and does not use Adblue. Which is dirt cheap anyway, even if it did. If the one you are looking at has the Airmatic suspension it almost certainly has been replaced by now. In fact, if factory parts were used it could be due for a second round. This is $5000...
  5. Report: First 250,000 miles / 400,000 km

    X164 GL-Class
    For my history, see the older posts "Report: First 225,000 miles" from 9/9/16 and "Report: First 200,000 miles" from 12/18/15. The last 25,000 miles have been largely uneventful. Outside of normal maintenance there has been one repair: the return line from the fuel injector back to the fuel...
  6. 10k miles per set of tires? Is that right? Any better way?

    X166 GL / GLS-Class
    I never got more than 28,000 miles on the Continentals. I switched to Firestone Destination LE 2 and get 40,000 miles. My GL is an 08, but the tire issues appear to be the same. No matter the brand, my tire wear has always been remarkably even.
  7. How many miles on your GL?

    X164 GL-Class
    I just posted a new thread: The first 225,000 miles. See
  8. Report: First 225,000 miles

    X164 GL-Class
    The last 25,000 miles have been uneventful, with a strange exception. A mouse or some similar critter got far up behind the wheel and chewed through the wires from both fuel gauge sending units. An expensive snack as it took the tech several hours to find the break, and a substantial amount of...
  9. How many miles on your GL?

    X164 GL-Class
    210,000 miles (340,000 k), 2008 GL320cdi diesel. For a recount of my experience see: .
  10. Report: The first 200,000 miles

    X164 GL-Class
    In case any of the information below looks familiar, I have a few old posts as degl. I lost the password, may have registered with a now abandoned email. So I start anew. I thought some might be interested in a report of the first 200k miles on my '08 GL320cdi. The good: I still love the GL...