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  • JimF37 ·
    Saw your excellent thread for replacing the seat's bladders . . . but there's no PICS . . . at least, I can't find them???

    Have they been removed?? Or do you have a link I can see them??

    "Photo DIY- Lumbar Support Bladder Replacement" in the knowledge base.

    Tnx in advance. . . JimF37
    ricebubbles ·
    Hi G-AMG,
    I have read and re-read your excellent post on servicing the 722.9 trans.
    I went ahead and purchased a service kit with genuine M-B fluid.
    Then I discovered my 2003 Updated S500L doesn't have a torque converter drain plug.
    With some help from other BenzWorld Members I have designed a DIY flushing system.
    I would appreciate any feedback from you as you certainly know what you are talking about.
    See my posts at
    Regards from Down Under,
    MBZ_C140_Nut ·
    hi g-amg
    I read your how to on the coupe lense replacement, and i was wondering if i could pick your brain a bit!
    to make a story short my headlight got smashed andd it was the xenon one ending with 59 i believe, but since I had such a hard time finding one i ended up buying the hid version hoping that the housing was teh same and i can switch the rest ...ballasts and such! anyway what i wanted to ask you is do you know where to get replacement lenses that are actually glass, since the new one feels plastic to me, secondly wanted to ask you if you knew there are two kinds or what, one plastic other glass, anyway thanks in advance
    vossG5 ·
    Hi G-AMG

    I read your 01-29-2010 post in regards to installing satellite radio in a 03' G500.

    I've been searching for answers on this for about a week now.

    My question to you is.

    Is the 03' G500 Command Nav head unit the same unit used in the 03' C class?

    Also, would you happen by chance to still now the part # needed?

    Thank you for your time.
    omarc220 ·
    Hi G-AMG,

    I came across your DIY for the transmission change. Very nice write up!! it doesn't look that complicated as I want to do this myself. Can't afford MB dealer prices! Do you still have this car? I know this post is old

    My question about the dipstick. So what you are saying is when you need to fill the fluid, initially fill with 4 quarts at the 25 degree mark. Drive for 15 minutes and check the fluid again. Should the temperature of the fluid rise to 80 degrees or are we are looking to see what the fluid level is between the 25-80 mark.
    Re the auto transmission fill location. Do we need to break the cap open and reseal the tube with a new ''cap''?

    Car details: 1995 C220 base model. What is the mean? is that the transmission # or something?

    Thanks Omar Brampton , ON Canada
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