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  • tdoriot ·
    Hey Foto, Rowdie mentioned you are the master translator on these build sheets. If it's too hard to read, I can email it to you! I posted it on my 1973 450 SL Help posting ! Thanks Tracy
    450slc_1978 ·
    Hey mate

    it says your private message bank is full so i have used visitor messages.

    Paypal would be great, quick question first, do you sell a carby cleaner that you use and trust? maybe use to cleaner the injectors? well if you do then tell me a price and we can go from there.

    if you don't sell the cleaner, then just send the invoice to the email address: [email protected]

    thankyou for all your help
    Gold77 ·
    G'day Matey: Thanks for your suggestions, but I already tried both of those sources. The part is NLA. No dealers, no warehouses stock this valve anymore. I need a clean used one, or find a small shop that may have one laying around in stock. This situation is ridiculous!!! The valve is specific to the SLC model. The SL model's valve won't work. Happy Holidays. Tom
    450slc_1978 ·
    Hey mate, i have a list of items and i was wondering if you could give me a list of prices to go with them and also a combined postage to VIC 3181

    Spark Plug Wire Set
    Spark Plug x8
    Spark Plug Connector x8
    Distributor Cap
    Insulator Pad for under the bonnet

    *All for 1978 450 SLC
    Aussiemerc ·
    Hey Shane ,
    Do you have monovalves or kits for '91 420SEL (W126)?
    PS I'm procrastinating on the new hood and carpets- $$$. Had a few repairs on both cars.
    kenmyu ·
    Hello Fotografa,

    This is Kenmyu(Ken), having 500SLC for nearly 14 years long.
    My model's VIN is 2571.
    My 500SLC's photos are at #14,#15 URL:

    I was looking for RHD 500SLC in Japan, but could not find RHD one.
    I feel strange enough. Japan is a Keeping-left-to-cars country, though.

    My female cousin lives in Melbourne for over 40 years.
    I have been to Australia 5-6 times, and Sydny once in Jan.
    , sooo hot! The same time Japan, snow piled upto 20cm.

    Japan time is just midnight. Good evening. :)
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