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  • steh-fan ·
    Hi Fonzi,

    I'm not sure I understood your recent post correclty.
    Are you selling the SL or do you want to buy it?

    bigsky ·
    Hi: Mike

    Thought long and hard about keeping 20mm spacers with car, Rims will be with car as long as I own it (Have 9 cars, don't sell much). If I keep them they will probably be repurposed on a piece of farm equipment. They belong where they will be used, for what they were made for. With out your help, enthusiasim I would have never got them, have read many wheel threads in the last week. You help a lot of us. I know you would put them to their intended use.
    Jim Vaughan
    trazique ·
    Hey Fonz, i was just reading an old thread where Nob wanted to buy a diff from you,

    you mention that you had a 5speed tranny do you still have i and what would be the cost on something like that, I plan on turbocharging my 380 and need it to be able to handle the power, Or...

    that getrag 265 OD tranny you talked about, any info you can share on how I would convert that to me M116?

    Thanks you.

    Oh and BTW on 81 that Green 280 I have, do you thing I should remove the diff before i scrap the rest oh the ca.?
    fxrsrider ·

    I stumbled across a thread about wheels that you contributed to back in 2012. You mention in the thread that you "have a garage full of 16" BBS RS" wheels. Is that still the case? Do you have a set of four you'd be interested in selling?

    I'm looking to put new wheels on my '79 450sl.

    I'm Paul
    unavita ·
    Hey, what do you think a good price for Euro lights would be?
    One lens is cracked btw but it comes with the metal attachments, surrounds.
    Ctoomey ·
    I have a 1998 SL500 Roadster. The convertible top won't go up. It goes up partially put won't latch and the back won't close. Anyone have the same issues? Any advise on repair?
    Diego97 ·
    Hi Fonzi, Rowdie tells me I should ask you this question...i think i found a pair of OZ wheels that id like for my 560SL will 16 x 7.5 ET31 fit our cars? (5x112)

    Thank you
    CA-280SL ·
    Mike, i dont know if u read thar front bumper thread but i ordered the metal strip, and the rubber cushion. They are coming from germany
    Frankthemoneyman ·
    Hey Fonzi, found something for your collection. I was on ebay and these caught my eye.
    Rarität Mercedes Barock BBs RS 3 Teilige Felgen in 17 Zoll RARE Custom Alloy | eBay
    1stMB300TE ·
    i think that it's probably due to leaks and a bad interior cabin temp sensor... I also just found this one for $50, think i'm going to go with this one.... 1985 Mercedes Benz 380SL Base V8 3.8L Climate Control Electrical - 1078300352 - Blower Motor Cover - ES#1630638
    1stMB300TE ·
    I'm thinking that i'm going to look for the metal one... did you sell yours? let me ask you if you think this makes sense... The heat seems to be blowing very weakly. This past summer I patched up the rust holes under the blow motor. I wonder if there's air leaking in/out of the system, changing the pressure/leaking out the heat. What do you think? sound plausible?
    1stMB300TE ·
    yeah, after i wrote that message i looked through the rest of the pictures… been looking for a metal one myself, but i figure i'll come across one sooner or later.. thx
    1stMB300TE ·
    that blower motor cover you have on ebay, is it cracked?? i need a new one for my 85
    380sl but i'm thinking about just fiberglassing my old one….
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