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  • 007kgb ·
    Hi Flyboy,

    Could you be so kind as to decode my VIN for me? I would greatly appreciate it.



    2006 Mercedes Benz ML 350
    VIN# 4JGBB86E56A065350
    Bmerritt ·
    send me your email address and I will post the 77 SLC pics. I have not figured out how to do it from this forum.
    Donutblue ·
    Flyboy, could you please help me with a vin number, I have a 1978 280sl vin #10704212004927 I know it's european but can't find a thing. Thanx, George
    Shabaz ·
    Hi flyboyike
    1. Can you decode my merc E300 vin No. WDB 211054 2A 973255
    2. My car documents show E280 but the Badge at the trunk of my car shows E300 whats my car

    I have tried every where but no one can give me a positive reply who should i mail these questions Please help
    Got Benz ·
    Im going crazy with no spark issue told its ezl when I changed crank pos sensor or sender it was stuck and when I finally got it out it was broke but I noticed a little pin came out is there a pin or contact in the hole it goes in
    Benz.o.ev ·
    Hello there, you seem to be the man to talk to when it comes to getting info on VIN #'s I'm having a little trouble finding a clear list of original paint colorways for my 71 250c, and so I thought I would try searching my VIN (11402312004723) so that I would at least know the original color of my vehicle. And as you can see I have a 14 digit VIN which is making it pretty impossible for me to find out more details. Any light you could shed, or nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!!
    littlered380sl ·
    Man, great info on vin numbers. tryed the links but they are not working. Can I send you my vin for this type of info? By the way, where abouts you moving(ed) to in Florida? I myself am trying to get to Panama city beach but having hard time selling my home in Az. wdbba45cofa035185. thanks, Rick
    flyboyike ·
    Yes, sir. Transitioning to a slightly bigger airplane beginning next week, also moving to Florida. How's with you?

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