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  • MAVA ·
    Thank you for your kind comments... I just try to help...We can make this world go round if we all try to give out time to help..

    All the best,

    RM98SL ·
    Did the stainless brake lines awhile back. The idea was to improve the brake pedal feel by not allowing the lines to expand as much. At the time many of the other members swore by them, for me maybe a slight improvement. I'm still not satisfied with the feel, so I guess I'm just neutral on them. Or I may just not remember what they felt like before the change.
    For me, with new rotors,pads, SS lines and new fluid, the brakes still don't give confidence when applied. I'm just used to the newer cars with short movement of the pedal. Russ
    "Hi" David...:).

    Glad to have you as a friend & thank you for your contribution of knowledge to the R129 forum...:thumbsup:..

    Best Regards,
    Tony :)
    RM98SL ·
    Thanks for asking David. I have had my 98 for about 6 years now. It had 87K and now 145K. It's running better now than at 87K thanks to this forum. Comparing notes would be fine. Take care, Russ
    Thorgod ·
    Dave, what's going on? I see you're in Arlington, TX. I may be relocating from Tyler, TX to Fort Worth area because of a promotion. It's a task to find a home to buy. Every time I find something, I'll call my realtor and he'll say it has an active contract. WTF, it just came out on the internet 2 or 3 days ago. So you restore guitars? Interesting. Have you ever attempted to build your own? I started with keyboards at about 9 yrs old, then started guitar at about 10. My dad bought me Les Paul Custom when I was 14. Anyway, I've been around the block and played guitar long before I landed a position in LE. I only did that for 6 years. Currently I have a Les Paul Custom, reissue of a 1968 thin body, and I have Carruther's that I had custom made in California in July 2004, designed by my friend Buzz Feiten. Check Carruther's out on the net, and check out Buzz Feiten Guitars. Buzz went to my highschool on Long Island, hung out with my older brothers. Talk at you later, Thorgod (Ray)
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