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  • altayib55 ·
    Hello there,

    I am also from Saudi Arabia, Jeddah. I have a 1999 E55 ... :)

    It will be nice to hear from you.
    Here is my mob. 0504307255

    garryrockdj ·
    1) Plastic idler wheel - passenger side upper - that little plastic $15 wheel can crack and could use replacement

    Where do I look for the idler wheel.
    stevenjacobs ·
    Do you live in the San Diego area? I see you wrote LaJolla, CA. I live in Clairemont, and was wondering if you work on MB in the area?
    arneleo ·
    Hi friend. All your advice has been valuable. I was wondering if you might comment on my rear wheel alignment. The left side stands 'straight' - as in vertical and about an inch from the body. But the right side is definitely not vertical and I would say is more like 2 inches away from the body when stationary. I heard there's no aligning these wheels. I also heard from some tire mechanics that some 'bars' holding the wheel might be worn out. I really would like to fix the problem as the last tire change I made, I noticed extreme tread wear in the inner tire, whereas the left tire had relatively even wear. Please advise when you have a moment. Is this a costly fix?
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