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  1. FIRE SALE parting out 1991 190e 2.6 w201 near NYC

    W201 190-Class
    FIRE SALE I'm scrapping this car finally and I'd like to get rid of the big parts. I will NOT ship the body parts or seats, unless you make arrangements for that. Photo is not current. Make an offer. The following parts are available: MUSHROOM INTERIOR. ALL seats are in good shape. Door...
  2. 190E Interior door panels, light brown, GOOD VINYL! W201

    For Sale/Wanted/Trade/Giveaway
    MB w201 interior door panels with power seat controls cutout. No speaker cutout. I have all 4 in similar shape. $199 obo. Also listed on ebay. Color is light brown. (NOT the light beige known as mushroom or parchment.) NO DETACHED OR SHRUNKEN VINYL. Don't see many like that. (Btw, anybody...
  3. W201 For Sale, Wanted, Trade thread

    W201 190-Class
    Mushroom interior
  4. W201 For Sale, Wanted, Trade thread

    W201 190-Class
    Parting out 1991 190E 2.6 near NYC Parting a 1991 190E with the following parts in good shape: All glass Most exterior cladding 2 passenger side doors Hood Trunk lid 2 bumpers 2 headlights Full interior w/rear headrests (light beige color) Sunroof Engine 2.6 long block (80k miles, no head)...
  5. Parting out 1991 190E 2.6, near NYC

    W201 190-Class
    Located in Jersey City near NYC. Head is gone. Long block with 80,000 miles available for a very reasonable price. Alternator and other accessories available. Most of the rest of the car is still there, in mostly very nice shape. Color is teal (greenish). Fender and doors on driver's side...
  6. W201 For Sale, Wanted, Trade thread

    W201 190-Class
    Parting out 91 190E 2.6 near NYC Complete 1991 190E in Teal Blue Metallic. Body and paint in nice shape. Everything's available EXCEPT the driver's side fender, driver's side signal lamp, grille, and driver's side doors. 2.6 has 80,000 miles on it. (The body has 200k.) Engine starts but...