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  • e320Fred ·
    Driven many cars since driving in the early 70's. First MB was a 65 220sb, that set the stage for my impression of the MB ride. I bought it for $500 and "Helmut" a retired MB Mechanic from Germany, did a valve job on it. Later a guy ran a red light in a Toyota wagon and I broadsided him, rolling him over 360. Wiped the Toyota out and did enough front damage to my 220 to sell as parts car (got $500) and my insurance also gave me $500 for the MB. The only part I have left from it is the hood ornament. Since then, and owning different vehicles (non-MBs) the ride the 220 had is the standard I associate with MB. Later, I decided on buying an MB again in 05, I had a small budget so opted for an older 90's MB. Shopped around and tried a 1994 E420 and a 1996 E420. The 94 was smooth and solid like the 65 220 I had, but the 96 E420 didn't feel at all like the MB ride I had gotten accustom to. The 96 was sporter but lacked the classic, solid, smooth luxurious ride of the 1995 and earlier W124s.
    e320Fred ·
    Here's my 94 E320 "Vanna", all original except I pulled the Becker Radio/Cassette player (I personally like unaltered MBs).... (The front license plate is actually blank white, not retouched)
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