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  1. What good are used keys for sale?

    W163 M-Class
    I still have a ML320, and down to one key. I'd be happy to take those keys off your hands and see if I can get them working if you're giving them away.
  2. differences in features/equipment from year to year

    X166 GL / GLS-Class
    I'm looking for a x166, and was looking for some information about what features/equipment changed from year to year. I have the brochures, but that doesn't state which new feature each year has. I had thought maybe there are some information packages given to the salesman each year that...
  3. Bluetooth streaming for GL450, 2011

    X164 GL-Class
    my dealer was willing to open a package and let me try out the cables before I bought, so you could possibly try that with the unit that you bought. I tried many options before and nothing worked right. The bluetooth dongle that I posted will show songs on the MB display, and integrated with...
  4. Bluetooth streaming for GL450, 2011

    X164 GL-Class
    gl350 comes with a number of cables that fit into the port in the glove box. Those cables are available from the dealer, HOWEVER...I have tested many possible solutions, including getting the separate media interface cable from the dealer. They either don't work period, or don't work well...