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  • ds190 ·
    The fog lights are wired and standard equipment. Power comes in to the unit in the same harness as the headlights. Open up the back of it and check the fog bulbs- are they plugged in, burnt out, or simply missing. Post a picture of the red button on the forum, and members will help you identify it. Also, join the forum, it's free.
    lowjane ·
    Hello it appears as if we have similar cars I have a 190d 1984 mb. I love it and it runs well, very little upkeep the past 15 years but I did have the fuel system rebuilt after a leak and mechanics error in fixing it, Now I have one unresolved question that no one at MB can tell me about. I wonder if this may have been a model that had some extras put on it and not wired up. For instance the fog lights, look lovely but there is not a wire anywhere- that is ok I can live without them, BUT the real ? is and is driving me crazy is that I have a red button on the upper left of the dash, It is obviously a push button and is not an add on the dash is built around it, I am wondering if it was an alarm?as an option. Wondered if you had the same thing

    Thank you
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