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  • Subsonic ·

    I was really interested in your thread about the Brabus 2.6 Engine, however I found it a bit late.

    I myself am thinking about stroking my m102 engine from 2.3 to 2.5 by increasing the stroke of the motor, like Brabus did.

    m102.982 has a bore of 95.5mm and a stroke of 80.25mm. I figured if I used a crank off a m102.990 - bore 95.5 and stroke 87.2mm, that would give me a swept volume of 2.5l and an increase in CR from 9.0 to 9.8.

    I even started a thread in the w124 forum, but I only got replies to turbo-charge or switch to EFI.

    I am also interested in the Brabus header you have on pictures - can you measure the length of the primaries, as I have something in mind?

    Thank you in advance for your time and have a nice day


    Hello Dr. Grillz,

    I just seen the post you had of yout AMG OZ rebuild. I been trying to find a place that sell the barrel and lip for the same wheels. Can you point me in the direction where you got your rims rebuilt and if they sell the barrel and lip seperately. Thank you for your time and efforts.

    Montyf ·
    I have a question I want to post.

    I can't find the area to do this...

    the site says I can:
    You may post new threads
    You may post replies
    You may post attachments
    You may edit your posts

    frankielane ·
    Help! I would like to know the step-by-step procedure on how to replace the "complete ignition switch" on a 1989 420 SEL please.
    cadwillow ·
    I think I may have exactly what you are looking for - I just took an older Audiovox cell phone setup out of my 91 560SEC, very similar to the photo the other gent provided that had the bracket on the right side of the lower dash. All parts, and was working when I removed it ... let me take a look and make sure I still have the box.
    If you want, send me a note @ [email protected]
    It's actually a cool little setup, and might be just the trick ...

    ronohlenkamp ·
    Dear DR. Grillz,
    I have a 1989 560 SEL with rear hydramatics. I have dropped the car one coil wrap at all four corners. The coils sit in their exact original placement. There are no hydraulic leaks in the system. No correcting shims were installed on the suspension. I had a Quadrangulation Alignment (12 point alignment). The overall drop with the coil cut was 1 1/4" inch up front, and 1" inch at the rear. I have 8JX16" rims with H&R 10 mm spacers up front and 30 mm spacers in the rear. I put 1000 miles on the car on a road trip and haven't had any problems from the +.5 camber on the front, or uneven tire wear. Before I cut the coils, the car rode quite smoothly on rebound, now the rear suspension is obviously riding on the rams and not using the actuators as they are intended. Question: Do I need to move the bottom mounting point on the rams 1 inch downward to compensate for the shortened travel on the ram shaft, due to cut coils. Any and all help is appreciated.
    Ron Ohlenkamp
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