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  • unwound64 ·
    could i get your number if your still doing wireing harness or are interested in doing one more? thanks , adam 847 345 8993
    RSK_W123_230E ·
    Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa! I'm considering buying a W124 E220 or E280 but am concerned about wiring problems. Are you still providing this service?

    CoolJuni ·

    I'm also also asking the same question as Brentj4 below me except mine is for a 1995 version.

    brentj4 ·

    I've been reading the posts on the wiring harness repairs. I'm about to buy a 1996 C220 and only issue is the wiring harness. Car runs but enging light is on (HA..) I thought the 1996 version of C220 did not have the enging wiring issue but this on does. Couple questions:
    > What is avg cost to have to re-do the existing harness?
    > How long do you generally take to do the harness?
    > Is the reinstall difficult for DIY guy?

    dougjester ·
    You know where I can by the pin bushing( connector) that plugs in the egr valve for my 96 e300D my wires came loose from the pins..thanks...I could use the one off an old harness if anyone has one email me [email protected]
    peponchas ·
    New to this forum. I'm looking for a engine wiring harness for a 1992 190e 2.3
    How much do you charge for that? Do you have pics of your work?
    benzpirate ·
    I have a 1996 C220 with 150,000 miles and I bought it new. I like car but it has cut off several times, and was hard to start, and ABS light stays on. I was advised that it was likely the wiring since mechanic saw white dust and covering coming to pieces. Is it possible to replace connectors only, or do you have to do the entire harness/wiring? What is test of wiring harness, or do you just use visual inspection? (or codes). If harness is needed, where is cheapest place to get new harness? thansk.
    kevare ·
    Hello Josh,
    Yes, I am also a C280 1995 owner with ingition problems related to the wiring. So I am looking for a engine good wiring harness. Are you still building these and what information etc. do you need from me to build one?
    BenzRat ·
    Hi Josh,
    I have a C280 1995, needs a new engine wiring harness. Are you still doing these (I hope so), Please let me know what I need to do to get this organised.
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