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  1. Help needed

    W163 M-Class
    A friend who is a high-end import mechanic in the Bay Area posted this the other day in response to another friend's queries about the pros and cons of W163s. He hasn't used them (AFAIK) nor have I, but it looks promising. It's kind of pricey for a used...
  2. Salvage Auction ML: Surprise, Surprise!

    W163 M-Class
    So, Surprise, Surprise Part VI: I think I need to learn to read a data card better. I just drop my brother off and when he opens the passenger door I look down and see the Bose logo on the speaker grill. I guess the one on the driver's side got kicked off. I'm pretty sure my 02 500 said...
  3. Salvage Auction ML: Surprise, Surprise!

    W163 M-Class
    To the naysayers: Suck it, bitches :devil My MCS removal tool came yesterday so I did the switcheroo this morning. Like I supposed, Mercedes installed the GPS antenna in all the cars, the MCS is the only Navi/non-Navi part of the equation. I put the Navi MCS from my 02 500 into the non-Navi 03...
  4. 1985 250L at Salvage Auction

    W123 E,CE,D,CD,TD,TE Class
    It's very likely that's where this one ended up. I just bought a salvage ML350 through Copart. All the wrecking yards dropped out about $800-$900 and as soon as the $1,000 reserve was met someone from Libya started bidding against me. I outlasted him and got the car for $2200. My brother, who...
  5. Salvage Auction ML: Surprise, Surprise!

    W163 M-Class
    Well I got the new (old) door on and it's a nearly perfect match. 2001 and 2003 "744U" must have different formulations. Either that or the 350 was always garaged (which I strongly suspect) and the wrecking yard one wasn't. Everything went smoothly include the door matching/bolt holes and the...
  6. ML430 ABS pump motor R&R

    W163 M-Class
    My local wrecker has 3 MLs. What's your budget? IIRC, I paid $60 for the core I sent off to the guy in Idaho to rebuild. I could ask for you if you're interested. I'll also check my local pick-n-pull inventory to see if they've got an ML. It would be cheaper there
  7. 2004 ML 350

    W163 M-Class
    My FL sensor was done in by my leaking PS pump due to the dreaded Chinese o-ring.
  8. Start error after changing battery

    W163 M-Class
    Excellent. I love a happy ending!
  9. Salvage Auction ML: Surprise, Surprise!

    W163 M-Class
    So easy a caveman could do it. I'm wondering if a local stereo shop will have the tools. Too bad it's 5:30 on Sat night!
  10. Salvage Auction ML: Surprise, Surprise!

    W163 M-Class
    Thanks Witek. I was just going to PM you to see if you could post the WIS procedure for yanking it out. I'll be damned if I can find my CD right now. It's not where I keep it with all my other parts/WS manual CDs. Stopped by the dealer to confirm a digit didn't get misplaced somewhere and...
  11. RM auction - april 15-17 Toronto

    Other than watching the pretty cars go by, and continue to be amazed at prices for cars we scrapped in the 70s-80's, watching B/J and Mecum on the History Channel, I've given up on auctions. I have two aquaintences that put a new slant on the auction game. (Scam?) One discovered that he was...
  12. Salvage Auction ML: Surprise, Surprise!

    W163 M-Class
    Well, looks like I'm hosed. I disconnected the battery while I installed a battery tender lead on the Smart, hoping for a reset. No go. When I hooked it back up it was still reading WAIT. (After about 20-25 min*) Here's a question for those in the know: Can I take the HU and disc changer out of...
  13. Salvage Auction ML: Surprise, Surprise!

    W163 M-Class
    Speaking of, at that time I was working as a stagehand at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. There was a huge simulcast at large auditoriums all over the country for the rollout, broadcast from The Corporate Mothership. The look on Bill Gate's face when it crashed during the live...
  14. Salvage Auction ML: Surprise, Surprise!

    W163 M-Class
    That's what I'm thinking. Best case scenario with the OEM stuff is dealing with 15 year old GPS tech, which is like running Windows '98. And last time I saw a OEM BlueTooth interface for that vintage MB it was $250 for little more than a BT dongle that plugged into a cassette adapter. A quick...
  15. Salvage Auction ML: Surprise, Surprise!

    W163 M-Class
    Will do. I'm going to give entering the code one more try following the instructions Witek posted in the radio code thread: When my battery went flat in the 500, the radio started playing...