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  • djblu ·
    wow sorry for the delay.. I actually now go to my friend in upstate NJ but if u are looking for a guy that does sl600's wolfgang ascher. He is amazing.....he is down towards medford...Mercedes Benz New Jersey Stuttgart German Car Service Homepage u can use elite auto.. they have done some things for me but i know i got ripped off. BIGTIME! what r u looking to get done?
    Fafo64 ·
    Hey. I saw an old response to a post you made regarding your main engine wire harness installation.
    You noted a great mechanic/shop which did the work. Is he located in New Jersey? Are you in the Cherry Hill area?
    I'm in northern NJ and would love to get to a reputable shop to do this work for my 94 SL600...
    Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!!! Sorry for the interruption, but you seem to know your sh*t based upon your post responses!!!
    Doug "Fafo64"
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