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  • tmhill ·
    Hi DieselKraut22,
    Do you still work on W123 300TDs? Let me know if you ever do work in the bay area or if I need to go to Sacramento one of these weekends to visit you.
    turbojohn ·
    Hi , I'm in hot phoenix trying to replace oil cooling hoses on a 1984 300sd.
    You seem to be the tech that knows the best way to replace them. I have them both disconnected from oil cooler and oil filter. How do I turn them upside down? Did you ever make a video of the procedure? Please respond before it gets hotter here. Regards, John
    Teph 300CD ·
    Teph here. Lynne's 87 300D has just developed a fuel delivery issue. Just stops after driving for a few minutes. What's the problem do you think? The cars in Ventura!
    Thanks...she joined the forum so I'll get here to post on the W124 thread :)
    Magoulasss ·
    Hello,Nutz 4 Benz read my thread and referred me to you so i thought i would give it a shot haha.. i have a beautiful 1980 300sd turbo diesel that has been around the world and back. No Rust No Dents Very Clean, it has 388k miles on it now and engine still runs strong however recently i started hearing a whirring noise coming from the rear of the car and took it in to my normal mechanic to get an idea of what it was. He says its time for me to remove and replace my rear differential and its going to cost about $450 for the part plus $1200 in labor. i told him i was going to hold off for now. any second idea on what this noise might be and how i could go about taking care of this ?? PLEASE HELP!:crybaby2:

    Teph 300CD ·
    Hey BenzJedi, I had a question about my 300D. Seems the driveshaft makes a little noise, like something is dry! I'll top of the diff with SAE90 Gear oil but how can I tell if I need to replace the center bearing or something else?
    Appreciate your guidance. I will bring my Coupe up to you shortly for the pre-sale going over.Thanks, Teph
    azizanm2 ·
    Hi, I'm Azizan from Kuala Lumpur
    Need help to set up vaccum connection on my W123 230E M102.980 engine (ignition distributor c/w 2 vacuum point for retard (innerside I gest) and advance. I have identified the vacuum was not connected, so I reconnect it based on some info I gether in the forum. but I'm still confuse and unable to identified some of the vacuum point mentioned. Appriciate help and guidance. Regards
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