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  • Seraphim ·
    Hi Diesel,

    I am a new member to the forum and I think you get this quite a lot, but I would like your help in retrofitting my w204.

    I just purchased a 2011 c300 4matic about 4 days ago and am tryin to add the MM pack in there. I've follow a couple of other MM retrofit posts but none are my2011. From what I've gathered, I'll need the display unit, the main comand unit, some vents and ducts, a fan blower and an adapter.

    My current w204 has the audio 20 installed already. So would I still need I purchase the gps antenna as well?

    The last part is that I called MB dealer to get a part # for the comand unit but they said its vin specific as there are multiple dif part number for the MY2011. Also the 2 units are not year interchangeable meaning I must get the my2011 parts. Is that true?

    Your help is most appreciated and I thank you in advance or any tip and help

    thenom4d ·
    Hi Diesel,

    I really need a hand to verify the specs of a car with the following VIN Number: - WDD2073472F107588.

    Hope you can help.

    s_vad ·
    Hi, DIesel Benz! I would appreciate, if you could send me a copy of UMI retrofit instrucrions from WIS.
    I’ve got an installation manual for X204 in German and looking for the one for w204 2009 in English.
    Thanks in advance
    tomaugusta ·
    'Morning, Diesel Benz,

    I have been reading about limp in mode on this site. 2005 e320,cdi,nav/dynamic

    My cdi has 77K. I am the 2nd owner. Good records.

    My unit will blow BILLOWS of black smoke...then go into limp in.

    I read somewhere about an EGR re-design. My car was built 9/04.

    Question: is the I-6 a good design (i.e. durable)? Are there service intervals that I need to pay close attention to? I'm considering going to Upsolute in Charlotte, NC and having my ECU "re-mapped" to increase my torque about 15%.

    I don't live for the red-line. Yes, I like to feel the torque up to about 60/70 mph.

    Another question: my car seems to idle a little irregular. I'm thinking a sticking injector. I have run my car to 4000 a few times. Problems with the Pizeo?

    Thank you for your consideration.

    lounik ·
    Good day Diesel lounik here .My e320 cdi v6 has a problem am hoping you may be able to assist with .The actuator servo motor has been replaced (the previous one caught fire under diagnostic testing fortunatly no damage to wiring or car.the car would go into limp mode switch off switch on &the car goes ok.On replacing the unit we checked the cond. & operation of the swirl flaps &also checked the wiring all seems ok ;then on startup car went into limp mode.We then unplugged the wiring from the fuse box,the actuator,the 15amp fuse and put it all back together again and bingo all worked well for a few days guess what now gone back into limp mode.can you tell me where does the actuator recieve signal from as the fault refers no signal (pin20 on the main plug to the plug on the actuator checks out ok.I am now beside myself Regards
    ttmaxpowertt ·

    I am considering to buy a C-class where I would like to have more info on the car before I conduct the long journey to do a visual check

    Hope you can help me out!

    The Vin: WDDGF54X39F213946


    Best Regards

    honey1 ·
    I have a 1980 Mercedes 300 TD that needs the engine replaced or rebuilt at the estimate of $6000. Help! Is it worth the money to invest in such an ordeal?
    m4sh1mar0o ·
    Hello, Diesel Benz I need yor help about retrofiting my APS command.

    I'm From Indonesia, and i not very good in english. Ok here we go.

    I have bought APS Command Unit with monitor motorised 7" from London, the monitor is made in Ukraine And Head Unit is made by Mitsubishi Motor Japan (6 DVD Charger). I tried to retrofiting my OLD APS Comand to that newer one, so i searching on google and thanks to Mercedes-Benz Forum i found the very informative about retrofiting APS Command.

    I made a new wirring to the scheme that you post in thread. I now have a New APS Command, the motorized monitor is work perfectly and the other function like bluetooth, voice command and radio and DVD+CD changer is work very-very perfect, except the sound is gone. I cannot find the setting for setting the sound. I have searching and searching, but nothing i have founded.. so i need your help to solve my problem thank you very much.

    Best regards. Nicolas-Indonesia.
    clubodyssey ·
    I just got my command unit with flip screen
    From what I understood, I can use the existing wire harness from my car to connect the screen with the commnand unit. I just need to twist it to get it fit.

    As far as power coming from the car to the back of unit. I have to rewire it based ont the diragram to get it to wrok.

    Am I correct or I am missing something here.

    I appreciate your help.

    AdamWorldwide ·
    Hello Diesel Benz, I was wondering could you help me decode a vin# please! It goes as follows:
    Vin#: WDBGA32E7TA313422. Thank you in advance!
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