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  • Piv15 ·
    Hey. My names is Evan. I have a 1985 Mercedes 300d. I'm interested in buying one of your use kits for the auxiliary water pump. I'm rather worried about it seizing or burning up then frying the CCU. Thanks for your time!
    gontek ·

    in response to the front hub, how much would you be willing to let it go for? I'm not giving up on mine yet but if made it cost effective I could be persuaded to ditch that effort, or at least consider have a spare hub since I'll be doing this to both my wheels and possibly helping my neighbor with one of his benzes. Thanks,

    dawgbone ·
    I'm a fellow in Vancouver BC Canada who is a member of the BenzWorld Forums and I'd like to drop this info in your lap if appropriate as I'm a newbie and am only getting started but wanted to find a good home for my 70 year old friend's 1982 SEC 380 here in Vancouver. The car is in need of a chassis rust restoration and a possible lot of work of the engine... The body is in reasonable condition as are the majority of the exterior body pieces - that is the glass, light lenses, the Ronal wheels, the transmission, some of the interior dash and seat structures - much more, but more the point is these pieces may be better off as "donations for other restorers of this model" - I may be contacted because I do not want this car's assets to end up in a crusher due to other parties involved.1-877-731-4848 - or 604-731-4848 locally in the Vancouver area - or zolfox [at]zolfox [dot] org
    please feel entirely free to phone on the toll free line...
    Zol Fox (dawgbone)
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