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  1. 2011 E350 4Matic ownership experience

    W212 E-Class
    I have the active contour seat and find it very comfortable, so I guess that depends, although I've seen other complaints on here about the seats. Ride quality? I think its very good, very smooth even on tough roads, hard to believe we're talking about the same car. I agree with the floating...
  2. 2011 E350 tire pressure

    W212 E-Class
    Flap says 36/36 unless under load then 36/42. The sticker on door is a bit confusing but I think it means the same thing. I'd run it at 40 rather than 30, 30 def seems low for any car I've owned. Apparently I'm screwed either way with the 4matic, it seems 20k miles is the time to start looking...
  3. 2014 E350 Seat not comfortable???

    W212 E-Class
    I find the active contour seat in my 2013 E350 very comfortable and is one of my favourite features. But it is not ventilated, perhaps that option is the problem ?
  4. Looking to purchase 2011 E-350

    W212 E-Class
    If you buy this month you get the two years maintenance pkg included.
  5. B1 service cost for 2011 E350 at 45k mileage

    W212 E-Class
    I'm still working through the maintenance package that came with my CPO but that sounds about right from what I've heard for that service. I am planning to try MPH Automotive, est. 1983, BMW, Mercedes, repair, maintenance, Houston, Katy at Park Row/I-10 when I need to get some work done. If...
  6. custom stereo installation

    W212 E-Class
    It's too bad the factory stereo is such cr*p, very disappointing. My wife's Pathfinder blows this junk away. Really my only quibble with the E350 to date.