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  • jamesd5lINX ·
    I see you in North West Ct.
    I must be close I live in Enfield.
    Even better I see you have done some work on the SD. I just bought a 93 300SD.
    Cant get it started. You willing to come take a look. I knew it would require some work so I'm prepared to pay a fair mechanics fee if you feel like this is something you can do.
    Car cranks well. Fuel seems to be getting to the injectors. I pulled the hose from the fuel separator to the first injector and cranked it over and it spits out fuel. Not sure if more fuel should be coming out but at least I can see the fuel is getting to the injectors
    BluDreamin ·
    I still have my 350 with some brand new parts. It hasnt ran since July. I think you know my story. Let me know if you need any engine parts.
    rockcrusher ·
    hey chief, how bad was it, you've been quiet for a long time. If you need help finding parts, some of can look around locally for you....
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