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  • SoCal_Dan ·
    Wait, who's the guy with the fart can? LOL (honest question)

    Thanks for the complement. I wanted a 500E at one point in my life, but for the same price, I can get an S600 and I'm a sucker for V12's :)
    macdrone ·
    Im good. I did the upper wiring harness, blower motor, regulator for the blower motor. I have ASR and when I lived in Chicago area I couldnt live without it in the snow. The blinking lights sounds like your convienence relay or the fuse to it I suggest if you have not done so go to an auto parts store and get the copper ended fuses and replace them all after you have cleaned the contacts with sand paper or a wire brush. Im not too worried about my timing chain as my engine has no noise whatsoever, maybe i will check it but runs outstanding. I had the dreaded steering pump seal leak, but I cheated and put steering pump stop leak and conditioner in and not a drop since. Valve covers and cam break seals need to be replaced as I have some drooling also but not important at this point to me. The door locks are tied to the issue of the seat belt dome light issue by the way. If you have an after market alarm I suggest ripping it out and fixing any wires they spliced into.
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