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  • Disley ·
    Hi Chris,
    Good to hear you've got through the worst part ok.
    When you're up to it, send me an email to [email protected]
    I'm back in Sydney now, until May, when the weather starts to get better in the UK.
    I'm spending 3 to 4 months a year visiting with my aunt over there.
    I'd stay longer, but that's about my limit.
    I don't have a computer over there either, so I get a break from the net. I'll get a tablet for travelling, smart phones are hopeless.
    Trying to educate the dummies here keep us occupied, I don't know if they're trolling me, or really are that stupid?
    Keep in touch, send me an email, to [email protected] with any political or health links you think I should see.
    Let me know how things are going, and we'll talk again soon.
    Disley ·
    I can't find Kissinger in today's RT, but I saw an article about him in an interview with Der Spiegel, yesterday.

    my digestion is still erratic.
    and my health problems are minor compared to your struggle with chemo etc.
    I hope you get through it ok.
    Contact me on [email protected]
    I'd like to talk with you on a number of things we seem to agree on.
    Including health issues.
    rewillia ·
    Long shot but I had to ask...I spent >20 years working in West Africa and once worked with a marine Capt John Avery....not you by chance huh?

    re: Nigeria/Eq. Guinea late 80's
    StigHelmer ·
    Captain John - very interesting you mention that BBC clip, because I was just watching it for the first time on Saturday. Unbelievable - and more unbelievable so few people are even aware of this crucial hole in the story. Cheers!
    eric242340 ·
    No, I will be based in Shanghai but the company have 16 workshops around China and this includes Zhengzhou so I will be visiting them all during the year.
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